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JSC "Tulachermet"

Data center hosting

Data center operating on the site of metallurgical plant

About Tulachermet Data Center

Container data center located on the territory of a large metallurgical enterprise, Tulachermet JSC. There's also the main technical office of Intelion Data Systems on the premises.

High-security facility inside security perimeter of Tulachermet JSC
Uninterrupted power supply provided by a nuclear power plant
Automatic ventilation system procuring air recovery in container data centers
Maintenance and service by Intelion Data Systems tech specialists

Mining equipment insurance

All devices in our care are insured by a federal insurance company against a variety of risks, such as fire damage, water damage, theft etc.

Hosting price includes

Spot in a data center
For any ASIC models
99.4% uptime (maintenance shutdowns for 24 hours per year maximum)
Full liability for all devices
Reliable internet connection
Main and backup channels from two different operators
24/7/365 technical support by Intelion Data Systems specialists
Tour to Data center
Clients can visit the site to oversee their devices
Against ten risks, including fire damage, illegal actions, etc.
Devices online in 24 hours
Client's devices running within 24 hours as payment received

Sure! We provide the opportunity to visit any of our data centers.

It doesn't matter how far from the data center you are. We provide full remote access to the devices, all you need to do is install the necessary applications. Also, our support specialists are always in touch via messengers.

Operation of mining hardware requires owner's time as well as certain technical conditions, which are very difficult to create without deep knowledge on the matter and qualifications. To avoid damaging devices and to ensure its efficient operation, we recommend seeking assistance from specialists.

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